I took the ACT today… But I feel that I didn’t do very well… 

I had to do a lot of guessing because I didn’t know a lot of the science stuff. But, I hope that I did well on the reading and comprehension stuff… I probably didn’t though.

Oh, well… 🙁

Well anyway, yesterday I ordered two things:

  1. Some fiber enhanced brow gel stuff (I have very sparse eyebrows and I hate them)
  2. some tinted lip balm from a company called “Hurraw!”.

I’ve never heard of “Hurraw!” but, they have a lot of cool lip balm flavours. Because I ordered the tinted set of three I will have grapefruit, cinnamon and black cherry. I really hope that I’ll like theses lip balms because if so, I will try their other flavours. 🙂 

hurraw! (lol. Free advertising!!)

All of my stuff should arrive by April 15th-21st. I’m really excited to try everything out. 


P.S- I’m enjoying learning Japanese, but I feel like I’m not learning fast enough… I really want to learn the sentence structure(s) and particles and whatnot. But, I guess all of that is pointless if I don’t know any words.

2 thoughts on “4・9・2016”

  1. Oh, hehe! No, they’re not. The test I took yesterday was optional. The real tests that decide whether I graduate or not will be taken this week! But, I’m too worn out to worry anymore…

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