All is well

A little update from Ollie.

    Today we had our appointment with the midwife, all went well. We have yet to find a heartbeat, which is normal at this point and nothing to be worried about. We were told if we couldn’t find  heart beat with our own Doplar in the next two weeks to call back. So we’ll just try randomly for two weeks.

We’re a little over a week a way from Eden turning 4 months. It’s incredible to see how much she’s changed in  the last four months! She’s babling and eating her hands every chance she gets. The only times she’s mad is when she’s hungry, dirty or when her gums are sore. Her giraffe and amber teething necklace are the only things that keep her calm. she’s a pretty happy baby.

Anyway since it’s late, long story short. All is well.

2 thoughts on “All is well”

  1. What beautiful words: all is well. Do you know the quote from Julian of Norwich? “All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.” She was a 13th century mystic. Anyhow, are you planning a home birth by chance? We had one with our daughter and it was wonderful. But hospital births are so much better now than they were in 1978. You can’t go wrong. Blessings!

  2. We plan on a home birth we did it with our first. It was a home water birth. We hate how unprofessional the hospital is, an our doula and midwife can do their thing a lot better at home.

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