Come Saturday Morning Part Two

We got a new kite, rainbow colored, but it is not as big as the Yoda one and it doesn’t fly very well.  It would fly in a hurricane, but otherwise…..pretty lame.  Matthew was disappointed, but handled it.  Yes spring break is over and I’m ready because honestly I’m so tired.  We drove 1/2 hour almost every day to a park no one attends.  They love it.  And I don’t have to be afraid my big boys will accidentally knock a wandering toddler over with the swings.  It happened once and now I am terrified of a repeat.  This child walked behind the swings so the boys never saw her.  Thankfully she was not hurt.  Many people would think my boys (grandsons) are too big and too old to swing, and they go too high and swing forever.  They are 13, and 14.  But a bit younger mentally and emotionally.  I wanted them to have a happy spring break, not just staring at I-pads and TV.  We did have fun.  Every day there was at least one special surprise—-like going for ice cream.  One day I brought over a box of donut holes.  They had a good spring break, and I thank God who gave me strength day by day.

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