dear boyfriend

I really need YOUR help, not your mother’s, not your brother’s. I need YOUR help. I need you to listen to me instead of giving me attitude and rolling your eyes at me. I ask for nothing, and when I do, it’s a big fucking deal. 2 weeks ago I asked for you to simply pull the trash bag out of the garbage can instead of pilling it up and leave it for me to fix. I am not a maid. I am a stay at home mother, a mother to your son. It is not my job to be a maid. This is your house too, you are 23 years old with a son, it is really sad that I am 3 years younger than you and act sooo much better than you. You want your son to see you pile your garbage up and do it to his future girlfriends? Or wife? I bet not. I would really love this one fucking thing and not for you to give me an attitude when I tell you calmly what my problem is, I would love to be able to talk to you instead of run and fall in love with someone else, but you are making that really hard for me not to do. Thanks 🙂

One thought on “dear boyfriend”

  1. I hear ya! It’s sometimes easier to let things go and get out hand when others let entitlement get in the way. If only he could feel your struggling pain or show a little empathy and just did something for you even when you became a little less than nice because you were so stressed.

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