Feeling ignored and lonely

So my boyfriend is ignoring me. Why? Well because I had plans with him, I showed up and he had left with his mother, who by the way, for no reason, hates me. I drove two hours for nothing. Left feeling like I wasn’t worth a text or phone call. Feeling hurt and disrespected. Hours go by before he finally calls. I tell him I’m upset and why. He says I didn’t feel like dealing with it when I tell him a simple text or call would’ve been nice. So today he is not talking to me. I hate being ignored. Makes me feel worthless. 

I also wonder why it’s so hard to find friends these days. Good friends. The ones who text first too. The ones who come over and visit too. Why do I always have to make the first move? But if I don’t I find myself sitting here in my chair alone and bored. 

I just wanna matter to someone. Be someone’s priority for a change. Not even a change, for the first time ever. 

2 thoughts on “Feeling ignored and lonely”

  1. Maybe your boyfriend isn’t feeling the relationship anymore. I mean if he’s going to let you drive 2 hours for nothing and then give you the silent treatment maybe he’s trying to send you a message… 🙁
    Maybe you could join an online group to gain some more friends?

  2. Mums man, always the cause of problems. I’m pre sure your boyfriend loves you but his mum seems to have a problem and for no apparent reason, can’t say it any other way. It’s like that for most people and you can’t do anything about it because if you do it’ll blow up in your face and you could lose your boyfriend. Stand up for yourself, yes but you gotta be really close with your boyfriend before you can do that so hold on abit more, if his worth it… sometimes his mum is his first option, but if he really loves you then he will stand up for you and not let his mum get inbetween you to.

    Don’t be upset with him over something like that. Trust me not worth it.

    And as for the friends bit, tell me about it.. I’m going through the same thing and honestly babe fuck all be independent and focus on you, yeh it’s a little hard but soon it’ll be easy, good friends will come but it’ll take time.
    Feel free to talk to me when you need to. Always here xx

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