I keep trying to be consistent!

So, I need to focus.  I may need to write a list of my daily activities… my own honey do list.  I am horrible at routine, I do not know why that is.  How is it that you can be so overwhelmed by boredom that you do not do ANYTHING?  I can not for the life of me explain what it is I am searching for or waiting to happen.  So, today I believe I am going to draw up a schedule so that none of the things I actually want to happen are neglected.  This includes writing here…. it has been three days.. Oh gosh, why?  I don’t want to stress myself into feeling the failure but I really need to do something about this.  I constantly feel like I am missing something kind of like the baby who won’t go to sleep…. I know I have lived a very fast and in depth life… experienced things that many haven’t or won’t in their lifetime…. so why Chelsie, why?  And now I just was thrown another thing lol… So I’m off to flourish in the chaos….

One thought on “I keep trying to be consistent!”

  1. I miss Chelsie….. I also miss you…… Think about it and you will remember me.

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