Life at WN #3 – 4/08/2016

I literally did no moderating today. I went to check the comments section to see if there was any spam… Nothing. I went to check the forums for spam… Already cleaned.

Well fine then, leave me with nothing to do. I don’t get messaged to host giveaways, so  I guess today (out of most unproductive days) was the least productive. Leave me with something to do, friends!

Instead, I spent the day playing TF2 and SR3, two of my favorite games. Time is ticking steadily and school is nearly complete. My AP English teacher called my story I wrote beautiful. Which is a first, considering I usually write complete shit, but I guess even a turd can shine a little when polished enough.

Won’t be on too much tomorrow. Going to a Welcome Day at the university I’m going to. If I have time, I’ll pop another of these out. Sometimes, as a mod, you have slow days like this. And that’s all right.

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