Ah Yes. Church.

I was inspired by seeing another person’s journal snippet. Today was a great day. I didn’t make it to the physical church building because I had a faith-based project that the Lord felt was more urgent than my attendance in the building. However, I have been thinking about partaking in the tradition of “going to church.” It was not that long ago that I was knee deep in religion and ritual. Ah, but that’s not always a good thing. There must be a balance, and it must be about Christ and not about appearances, rituals, -isms or any type of -anity, lol. I follow Christ and the Bible, not Judaism or Christianity. When I say that I am a Christian, I mean that I follow Christ, not the man-made religion.

Technically, we (the believers) are the church, not a specific building we “go to.” That doesn’t mean I don’t want to assemble though. I would absolutely love to assemble more often, and I’m confident that God will place me in the correct building when the time is right for me to occupy a religious building again. I already have a special Sabbath (Saturday) worship building in mind, but I haven’t heard from the Lord on it yet. His will be done, not mine. Funky stuff occurs when I walk into a building He didn’t tell me to go to, ha-ha. I’ll wait for the one that’s right for me.

Now I must get back to work.

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