Day 45

Sunday, April 10th 2016

So glad it’s a day off tomorrow. Apparently it would have possibly been a snow day, if it wasn’t a day off. Oh well, at least I’m not missing school. I will miss too much at some point.

Today I started off by going to church. I don’t remember much of the service, honestly. My eyes were very heavy and I was fighting not trying to fall asleep. It wasn’t boring or anything, I was just very tired, because even if I go to sleep at 1 am, my body wakes me up at 8 am anyway. I’m glad I went though, because the pastor said something about having doubts and that it is completely normal. I was so relieved to hear that, because it’s been something I’ve been struggling with. Funny how I just thought before he said that “I hope it’s about doubts.” I know he talked about in the last two services in different ways, but I wasn’t listening. Now I am, because this is definitely not a conceidence. I know not every person that reads my entries are religious, but I’m gonna say anyway that I’m sure it was God trying to talk to me the past few church services. I’m listening now.

Other than that, played a lot of Undertale. Turns out I didn’t do the genocide ending, but just a cruel neutral one, where Sans calls me a brother killer. I want the true pacifist one. I’m a big fan of Sans. I was before I even played Undertale. I think a lot of people are, though. Oh, I just realised how the transition from church to Undertale is very… opposing, haha.

Other than that, I watched the third episode X Company. And that’s it really… Didn’t do much. I guess I can say I helped my mom put icing on the cupcakes, but I did it horribly.

That’s all for today.

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