In your eyes

It’s only 12 in the afternoon but I’m at peace so I think I might just write. I love to write when I’m happy just because I can get so many positive vibes from everything and that gives me writing ideas.

I woke up at 7ish to get ready for work. Today was really cold for some reason. It was in the 40’s but it had a really cold breeze. It was really peaceful and only I and my mum were awake. So I brushed my teeth and put on a nice outfit for church. I decided to drive to church this morning. That is a shocker because I dread driving and I will refuse if you tell me I have to. But for some reason I decided to drive. I think it was just the fact that I was at peace and happy with everything. So I got in our massive car and headed off. The steering wheel was absolutely freezing and that makes driving even worse but I fought through it. I was surprisingly not as tired as I thought I would be. A lot of personal things happened last night so I stayed up talking to someone till 12:40 in the morning. They were in a rough spot and needed to talk so I stayed up talking to her. I would do that for anybody and I do do that for everybody. If I don’t help them then I would knowingly walk away while they cry and I just can’t do that. That’s why I ended my blog early yesterday. So I got to church and I went to service and did my job until our preacher was finished. After that I went to youth and everything. I was still talking to that girl in service and she said she was looking for a church so I saw my perfect opportunity to invite her to mine. Hopefully she comes but we will see in the future. After church I and some other mates talked and everything and then I left to go home. When I got home I made something to eat and now I’m writing.

Let me bring up the topic of compliments. I don’t think people realize how much compliments can affect someone’s day. Over the past week I have been called cute, handsome, charming, and adorable. Yes adorable, even though I’m 16 years old. These compliments are coming from absolutely beautiful people. Those compliments have made me so happy and they have most definitely boosted my confidence. This is a weird topic but I just want yall to know that a single compliment can go a very far way.

Don’t you wish that the people in your life wrote just like you do? I would seriously love for the people around me to write also. Just to hear how their day went in their eyes would be amazing. Of course I know how their day went in my eyes but I want to know from their point of view. It would allow me to grow much stronger bonds with them because I would know what they like and dislike. Like for an example. You could assume that I hate loud noises because I’m always talking about how I love the way it is peaceful in the morning. Or you could assume coffee is my favorite drink because I have expressed my love for it. Just things like that. I would love for my ex’s or just past relationships to write. I would love to understand what happened in their eyes instead of just mine.

Today was such a beautiful day. It was sunny and not many clouds in the sky but it was just so gosh darn cold. I would love to be outside running around getting a tan and things but I’m stuck inside because I hate running in the cold. It’s one of my biggest problems. I hate the feeling of the cold air in my throat. That’s why I play soccer in the summer and the beginning of the year.

So ever sense I started writing my grammar and literature style has increased drastically. I’ve started to notice that when I’m texting someone and they misspell something it will irritate me heavily. I also get like that when I see a tweet on twitter and someone misspells something. I don’t know why but it just gets to me.

Colossians 2:6/7- “ So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live you lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.

Well, that is about it for today. I will keep yall updated as I continue with my journey through life.

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