Sometimes It’s Not About Me

“Sometimes it’s not about me.” That was one of the lines that I remembered from the movie I watched this evening (Leaving Limbo). The other line was “This happened so that God’s power might be displayed in my life.” The movie appeared to be about a young woman who got into a car accident with several of her friends one night. She had everything going for her. She was happy; she had oodles of friends, and she was engaged to the young man that she loved. In fact, they were getting ready to get married in the near future.

Everything was taken in a blink of an eye when the car crashed.

The girl stayed in a coma for 19 years, but then God miraculously woke her up. Her awakening shocked everyone. She was shocked too when she found out everything that happened while she was in a coma. One of the events that occurred was that the man she loved married her best friend. Ouch.

The movie showed the girl’s range of emotions after she found out that this man moved on at a time when she needed him. I know what that feels like without having been in a coma for 19 years…well…and without the best friend factor, ha-ha. It feels devastating. I can only imagine the pain of a coma survivor!

The movie displayed how out of touch one becomes after being away from society for so long, too. Ha-ha. She had no idea what a text message was. She was amazed at the gnarly cell phone cameras, and her vocabulary was so 80s. I loved it. 

I’m getting pretty out of touch myself these days, and I like it.

The woman spent a lot of time being angry at God for “taking things from her.” She took her losses quite personally. The movie showed me that sometimes it is not personal. It also let me peek into the lives of every other person that the accident affected, and I got to see what they went through. It turned out that she wasn’t the only one who lost something in the accident, and she wasn’t the only one who suffered or had issues with God.

In the end, I saw the message of the story. “This happened so that God’s power might be displayed in my life.” That is it. God uses all kinds of people and situations to display His power. His glory. His grace. I think that if we look at our losses just as opportunities for God to display His power, then we might be able to deal with them in a positive manner.

God displayed His power many times in that movie. That accident touched more than a handful of people in a special way. I’ve suffered multiple losses in my lifetime, but they all ended up with God displaying His power in one way or another. That’s why I can happily sit here and write about this movie tonight. Praise God.

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