The Fight

As most of you in a long-term relationship/marriage know, fights are a sad but sometimes regular occurrence between couples, even if it is over something stupid.  Whether it be about the other person putting the toilet paper on the roll the wrong way, not doing something around the house that you have been asking them to do for weeks or even months, etcetera.

Well, my Husband and I have not fought in quite some time.  Well, that changed while I was at work, which I am currently for the next 35-40 minutes.

What started off as a joke, turned into a full-blown bitch fest that actually caused him to throw his phone from what I understand.  His phone, mind you is an iPhone 6S and already has a majorly cracked screen that I bought and paid off for him late last year when I purchased my Samsung Note 4.

We were sending emoticons back and forth and what have you when he sent me something about Buddha.  (Yes, I am Buddhist – laugh or judge me all you can)

Well, as a joke, I responded with incorrect grammar, slang and what some people would call ‘black person language’ which mind you, certain people from all races speak like this  so DO NOT think of him or myself as a racist. 

When I sent the message, he responded with “Uhhhhhh” as in, ‘what the fuck was that??’.  I therefore responded with something saying how it was supposed to be amusing and/or funny.  Well, he didn’t necessarily think so and claimed that he was actually worried when he saw me typing like that. 

I am actually type pretty decently on my phone.  On the computer however, I tend to mess up. 

Well, it escalated from there once I sent him, “Seriously?? Wow, I guess I can’t make a joke now huh?!!”  I didn’t hear from him for a while so I decided to blow-up his phone explaining that in all seriousness, I was joking about it all.

That is when he messaged back saying he threw his $700+/- phone. 

He then accused me saying things like “seriously, wow I guess I can’t make a joke often” and also how when he types like that, how I go haywire.  Yes, I do not like it when people I know type like grammatical idiots and it literally has made me sick to see it at times, but I cannot recall a time I actually flipped out on him through text message for typing like that or when I say things like that often.

I guess what I am trying to write is how easily fights can be brought on by the simplest of things.  You have to be able to accept them, forget them and move on.  Grudges do not help relationships and especially not marriages.  As pissed as I am at him for throwing his already on the verge of death phone, it was partially my fault for attempting to portray my more humorous side.

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