My day was quite good.. but it is extremely hot.. i can really feel the summer heat here.. 

So anyways.. I was officially enrolled today.. it was exhausting.. I got my schedule.. and I think it was fine.. except for Saturdays.. Coz we will still be having classes on Saturdays.. instead on Friday.. so Friday will be our free day as they call it.. I don’t like my schedule on Saturdays.. coz my classes starts on 7:30 am.. that’s so early for me.. but I have no choice.. I have to adjust.. so senior high school was a bit similar to college.. I feel so unprepared for this new chapter of my life.. but I think I can make it.. coz two of my classmates on grade 10 will still be my classmate this school year.. so I was a bit relaxed.. 

It was the first time that I saw the school where I will be studying soon.. it was good.. but I wasn’t given the chance to roam around to see the whole school.. coz we had to hurry.  it was a bit huge from the outside.. 

Somehow.. I feel excited.. but I was more of scared.. of course it’s something new for me.. I don’t know what will happen.. but I will be fine.. Coz I have two of my friends.. 

So this is all of it.. thanks for taking time to read it! 

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