Wow I’m having a totally achy tired day today.  I just don’t feel “right”.  When I drove in it felt like anxiety now I’m calmer but still kind of achy and cloudy.  I’m tired of being constantly tired.  I’m tired of being constantly depressed.  I so much want to perk up and feel good again.  I’ve so much to do at home so, so much that was put off for way too long and no drive nor ambition to even start on it.

I console myself with the fact I’m not a total slug, I drive 45 min, one way into my job five days a week, work my 40 plus overtime so I’m usually gone from my home 12 to 14 hours a day and I generally work 5 to 6 hours for bro on Sat.  I guess that’s plenty for a 63 year old woman…but I’ve so much other stuff I need energy for!

Ah, really I just need to CHEER up.  I did get yarn for a baby blanket last night.  I’m a total beginner level at crochet…but I do love it and it does calm my nerves.  

Well back to work…type, type, type, crime, crime, crime!  Ugh.  My mood is as gray as the day and it is quite gray today!

2 thoughts on “Fatigue”

  1. Oh that’s way more than enough for a anyone. I don’t care how old you are. You deserve more time for yourself and the people and activities you love. Again, it’s a balance thing. Would your employer allow you to do your job remotely (if that’s possible) – at least part of the time? That would give you back a few hours of your life (from the commuting). Peace and love to you.

  2. Thank you mama…I sometimes feel inadequate because I can’t do it all. Obviously when I was so involved in mom’s care, I didn’t have overtime and took some FMLA. Anyhow I appreciate that you understand. Nope they won’t let us work remotely which is so absurd because everything is digital. Last time the notion came up they were looking to outsource us! OMG no. So I have great benefits…the job itself I don’t mind and I’m hanging…by my toes some days 😉 but hanging in! Peace and love to you too my friend!

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