Good morning!

Kitten is very much tired and in pain today she would love to curl up in her bed but today is moving day which means I finally get to go back to my home. It’s not quite finished but very nearly so, I’m waiting around for the storage company this morning before work later – boo 🙁 .


I didn’t want to sleep last night after my nightmares the night before and told Daddy that I didn’t want to, he said I would go when he told me to and I said yes Daddy – because even if I don’t want to do something I’m a good girl really – i told him why I didn’t want to go to sleep and that was my nightmares from the night before, I had been allowed time to read before bed but the book I picked I couldn’t really follow in the state of mind I was in and Daddy had to help me with a big word I think it was extanguinate but it meant blood loss. That part of the book seemed to stick in my head and give me bad dreams through out the night and I cuddled my stuffie for comfort a lot.  I had the same dreams last night but not as often because I didn’t wake as much.

I did my exercises again this morning 15 of each today! I think I did them a little wrong though as now it hurts to move and or breathe – i don’t want to tell Daddy though because I like doing my exercises. Maybe I could ask to do a different type though like jogging that sounds fun! 😀

I repainted my nails today and I used glitter as well as red nail varnish it looks super pretty I want to surprise Daddy with the new look. 

There’s always so much to do and say but I’ll have to go for now journal goodbye x <3 



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