Handing Out Free “Feel Goods”

You’re awesome. You’re amazing. You’re the best at being you. Let no one decide how you should behave.

Anyways, enough with that feel good intro. I’m alone on the bus again. This time, I being more optimistic about my outlool compared to before. I keep thinking to myself, why did my parents tell me that friends will leave you in the end. Thinking about then, I realized that all the friends they knew I had backstabbed me. They only wish the best. I love them, and I won’t fight with them, but I made really amazing friends during my search for diamonds in the mud. Everyone knows how difficult it is to find friends who actually care. I guess I’m really lucky. I think you, the reader, knows friends who care for you too. If you don’t, then they probably never told you yet. Anyways, I just want to say I love them. This is one of the few times where I could say, they love me back. It makes me happy just knowing they’re thinking of me. I… I can’t stop smiling. Ah… I look like an idiot. But I don’t mind, I don’t care if I look like an idiot if I could feel this bliss. Sorry for this sudden outburst of happiness. Just wanted to break from the monotony of being a depressed college student.

To whomever is reading this,

I’m truly happy that you are alive.

No matter who you are, what you did.

You deserve to smile.

If you made it this far down, please smile.

Even if you can’t. Trust me, it helps.

Thank you for being alive.

– Humble, Happy Kanuke

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