Hoping for the LAST!!

2 weeks before my BIG DAY will me made or should I Say another year will be added to the journey/story of my life. It’s been a week since the last time I saw in the Facebook  Add the Golden Snitch Necklace, I got fascinate to it, and I also post to Hatchi’s Buy and Sell (An online adds where you can post something you what to sell or buy nor from the word it self… indeed…) anyway I also try to look where I can buy that coz first thing that came into my mind is to put my parents pic. coz the necklace is a locket, and it also a vintage, but as I scroll the web page and see that it has a lot of design and different materials have been used i see more interesting and more beautiful that the one I’ve saw in the FB Add. yes it’s beautiful and at the same as the price (wahahahahuhhuhuhu). To be honest I really really want it, but how could I coz it cost  800 plus the cheapestprice is 600 plus the delivery fee which may cost more expensive. The seller or the product is from other country some of it is from UK, USA, London, ect. I also try to look to OLX.ph but I don’t see one of if. All I can say is……. PASSED!!! I guest next time will do.. char.

P.S I really really really want one of that… That’s my birthday wish gift… hahaha..

and ohhh… one thing I’m already feel sleepy rigth now.. haha

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