Monday, Monday

Started too late today!  Annoyed with myself.  I need to leave on time today which means I have to work 2.5 hours over tomorrow to make up today (since I need my benefit leave for vacation) which means no OT tomorrow.  Ugh.  I was just so sleepy this a.m.  Of course like a moron I took a lovely little sleeping pill (over the counter) at 8 pm.  And like always it didn’t really kick in till hours later when I could not get up!  This sleep thing has me crazy.  It takes me at least two hours to go to sleep plus falling asleep before 11 or so is damn near impossible.  Then I have trouble getting in to work on time when really I want to get in early because of the overtime.

Seriously why am I writing this drivel?  Seriously not interesting to read not even for me!

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