My Baby Boy can Jam!

I haven’t written a journal entry in a while, but in the last few weeks we celebrated Easter…he wracked up! I took him to see Zootopia which he loved. That will definitely be a feature we buy when it comes out. We went fishing,…..caught nothing, but it was fun in itself. I never went fishing as a kid. My dad worked all the time and wasn’t really into that kind of stuff and my school chums, at least the ones I hung out with, never really did that kind of thing. I do feel that kids who hunt and fish tend to stay away from the Devil’s workshop right? It was fun for me too as a fella who has maybe been fishing twice. We will have better luck next time, I hope.



It was another fantastic weekend with my boy. We went to the Horse farm where we got his face painted. The Horse farm has a gathering on Saturday mornings where a lot of locals come together and sell their goods. It involves a lot of farm to table food among other things. It was fun for Michael to get such a concentrated dose of culture. We bought some home made sourdough bread and some home made jam. I made sandwiches later that day and he ate every bit. It felt good to feed him fresh food as opposed to overly processed everyday stuff. Been making a move to that kind of eating lately and even though it takes longer to prepare, I do take a little pride in doing it.

After the Horsefarm we went to the card shop where we hung out with Mrs. Terry, one of our favorite people. Terry just had a granddaughter pass and she has been taking it rather well. I think she feels like she has to because they need to be their for her son. I hope I have that kind of strength and resolve when I get older.

After the card shop we ran a few errands and then went home. Michael was tuckered out and crashed for a few hours. (DAD did too) we ended the night watching PIXELS. Michael has an affinity for Adam Sandler after watching BEDTIME STORIES, which is our favorite movie to watch together. I think we have seen it 5 times.


Today though, was great! I made egg sandwiches (out of the sourdough bread from the horse farm) I guess I am gonna have to start looking at the quality of eggs I am buying as well. (Not an organic junkie, just want it fresh) Anyway, it was another win… I threw a little pesto on mine which were great. I then filled up a couple of water guns, packed a giant bubble maker and the nerf football and headed out to the park. We spent 2 hours playing catch, blowing giant bubbles and running around shooting each other with water guns. We had a 15 minute discussion on temper tantrums. Michael has apparently hit a few kids at daycare. Today, when he got frustrated and didn’t want to throw the football, I said well, then its time to go. He had a meltdown because he thought I didn’t want to play with him anymore. It dawned on me that this is probably why he was lashing out at daycare. He is such a good kid and he has no siblings. He really does just want to play with kids and is deathly afraid of not being played with. We had a long discussion in which I confessed to him, that when I was his age, I did the same thing. We talked about why hitting is not okay unless they are in circumstances in which he would ever need to defend himself. I felt like I really connected with him and that I did my job today, as dad, well. We then came home. I picked up a rotisserie chicken, roasted some apples and some garlic (for me) He didn’t like the Apples to I sliced him up son. The boy is incredibly picky. We watched…..wait for it…BEDTIME STORIES and GOOSEBUMPS. Michael kept running over, hugging me and telling me that I was the best Daddy in the world. He melts my heart everyday I spend with him. 


I almost forgot! I play guitar (for fun) I have a 6 string acoustic Gospel series Gibson reissue. Its the first guitar I ever played on (started when I was 13) and it will probably be the last guitar I play. My mother gave it to me years later after I had fixed it for my brother who had all but destroyed the damn thing. Anyway, Michael asked me if he could strum the strings on the guitar to which I said “Sure” I came back later and all the tuners had been changed. Michael had not just strummed the guitar but played with the knobs. I asked him, aggravated as I was, if he had done so and he replied “Yes Daddy, I’m sorry, I just wanted them to sound right. I was confused until I strummed my guitar… My son, 4 years old, has tuned my entire guitar to the key of G. He isn’t strong enough to hold down frets so he changed the notes to when he would strum…he would get a chord. Chills….all the way down my spine. I am almost never speechless…but here is my little miracle….already performing miracles of his own 🙂




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