She’s still doing everything she can to keep that smile on your face
She’d rather suffer as a hypocrite than putting herself in disgrace
She knows her place
This is just one of those familiar days

It’s all for you,
although her friends say she’s important too
She still melts at the sight of your eyes so blue
What do they expect her to do?

She’s never been anybody’s fair princess
She’s a lone warrior; her soul restless
Her constant battle against the same demon seems endless
When can she get out of this mess?

The demon of her past keeps charging back, ready to leave her scarred
It returns in the shape of her old broken heart
Why does she have to keep on playing the same damn part?
In her eyes, this unrequited love feels more like a piece of some grotesque art

She will always remember that night
You didn’t have to spit it out
She’d seen your old love in your steel blue eyes, forever etched at your sight
Thankfully, she was strong and calm enough not to run and hide

Perhaps she’ll still be doing the same,
playing that long and lonely game
Maybe she’ll never gain much of a fame
A ‘Love Martyr’ could be her other middle name

There, once again she’s banished that monster
Perhaps she’s grown stronger,
although she may not always feel better
Maybe that’s just the perk of being a lone warrior

Will she be able to see your smile again,
all without any stab of pain?
Immunity’s what she’s been after to stay sane
Let all these freshly-cut wounds within be washed away with rain

Still, in the back of her mind,
she keeps screaming for what she longs to find:

“Oh, immunity!
Please, hurry!
Do come to me
Be there cure to set me free,
so I’m no longer poisoned by such cruel, unjust jealousy!”



(Jakarta, 9/4/2016 – 7:15 pm)

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