alpacaToday, was the last testing day for this week. These past two days, we’ve taken the English Language Arts portion of the AIR test. Yesterday was very worrisome for me because, at the end of Part 1 of the AIR test, there was a really easy essay. “Why is it worrisome if it was easy?” you ask. Well, the problem is that, I’m slow to get my ideas down, and I was also planning out my essay (mind you, we only have an hour and a half to complete the test). The essay was an argumentative essay, and I was able to successfully type up my introduction, first and second body paragraphs and was working on my counterclaim when time was called.

Now, the only reason I worried was because these AIR tests, for us Ohioans, are what (over the years) determine whether or not we get to go to college (I think). A bit silly isn’t it? From what I’ve heard this dumba** test only exists in Ohio (but, of course I may be wrong). After all of the hard work you’ve put in through all of your high school years and you college entry is based on whether or not you can answer a few questions in an hour and thirty minutes. Personally, I don’t think that’s a very good way to measure someone’s knowledge.


On a different note, Japanese is coming along well, but in order to take the Korean course that I want (on Memrise), I have to learn and memorize where each Hangul character (don’t worry, there aren’t many) sits on a QWERTY keyboard (standard keyboard letter positioning, y’know). If I’m very diligent, it shouldn’t take very long and before you know it I’ll be working on the “Integrated Korean: Beginning 1” course! 🙂


Now, on an extremely different note, one that has nothing to do with academics, I’ve noticed that I tend to develop crushes on several boys at a time, which is kind of upsetting. Why? Well, because, I’ve worked up the courage to tell one boy (he lives in Turkey) how I feel, but then I realize, not only do I want him, I also have a crush on a boy that lives in Seoul, South Korea (not a Kpop star, calm down), and the Serbian boy at my school… It’s very nerve wracking for me, because, if I do confess to one boy (and he accepts and returns my feelings) I don’t want to lust after other boys. I’d want my boyfriend (as well as myself) to feel confident in my love for him and be reassured that there are no others… They’re all so very sweet.

Well, that’s all for today~!


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