A Life That’s Wasted


a life that’s wasted

a breath that’s gone

he knows he’s been fighting this addiction too long


he says he’s sorry

he says he’ll try

he thinks of a prayer and looks up to the sky


It hurts so much, he just can’t stop

he shoots the drugs until he drops


he drops his hopes

he drops his spirit

his soul cries out, you just can’t hear it


a life that’s wasted

a breath that’s gone

the results of heroin

he just couldn’t move on


he slowly lets go

he slowly is dying

he takes his last breaths

and quickly starts crying


his life is gone now, wasted away

the day his life ends, today is the day


;(;(;( R.I.P. Deanna Wallace, Kyle Smith, Danielle, Alex Mendoza, and everyone else I can’t stop crying to think straight. I miss you guys so much! While you’re looking down at me telling me I’m not hanging on by much, I need to get it together soon, for you guys, my daughter, my parents, my family, my friends. I will get there. I promise.

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