A problem..

Honestly.. I don’t know how to start.. I’m not in a good mood but I’m not sad either.. maybe I was just tired.. 

Earlier.. a friend told me about his problem.. he haven’t told me about this before.. it’s something that he was hiding for a long time.. and we haven’t known each other before.. he was supposed to tell me about this weeks ago.. but he decided not to.. it’s too late now.. I feel sorry for not knowing his situation at that moment.. now it’s too late but I know it can still be solved.. how I wish.. I feel bad for him.. for some.. it’s easy to give advice.. but if you were on his situation..  you would feel the same as what he is feeling right now.. But somehow.. he made the situation worse.. but I can’t blame him.. it already happened.. I wish I could do more for him.. 

So this is all of it tonight.. Thanks for your time.. 


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