I’ve mentioned some of my more intuitive gifts before… I’ve blogged about the positive side of those things as well as the draw backs. So I won’t go deep into my life as an empath and how it can really effect things. If you’re interested you are just going to have to dig through my old posts.

Energy. It’s food, it’s fuel, it’s light, it’s wind, it’s a current. We can not live without energy in at least one form, if not many, many more. Think about it. We as people are always trying to tweak our “energy” levels. We’ve got Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Monster, Amp, Red Bull for quick easy fixes to give us a boost. If you’re Earthy Crunchy like me than you are blimping out on blueberries, chasing them down with chia seeds and Greek yogurt.

We’ve learned basic physics. Object in motion stays in motion. That’s why there is so much emphasis on daily exercise. Jump, run, bike. Whatever. Acquire energy. Stay in motion. These a basic elementary facts.

I’m the kind of person who can walk by your cell phone and drain your battery. Don’t worry. My own electronics suffer from the same affliction. It’s annoying. Would keep writing but people are distracting me

3 thoughts on “Energy”

  1. I guess I’ll have to read your old posts! Why do you drain batteries…because you are so high energy or low energy. ‘Cause I’d love to learn to tweak my levels…I’m always running on low! Peace my friend.
    PS Do you stop watches?

  2. It takes energy to stay in tune with so-called psychic powers. If you want a scientific term for it – psionics / noetic science. The ability to control the world around by either taking or giving energy.

    I guess I qualify as a taker. When I’m unbalanced, stressed, sick, depressed, etc. I accidentally pull energy from other life forces around me. (Ever been around some one that is getting increasingly hyper and they’re making you tired just being near them ?). I can even drain a battery just by being near it. Have I ever stopped a watch? Yup.

    The best energy source for me – is running water. Ideally waterfalls. Thunderstorms make me eccentric and gitty. Since I’m aware that I can have a draining effect on people, I try and get my fix through other means. Mediation helps a great deal. Keeps me zen.

  3. Hi, I’m like this also. Plus other things. I’m new to it all, so I have no idea about most of it. I’ve also just joined this site, and your Journal is the first I was drawn to. Not by accident I feel. =)

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