I call her K-chan, but her real name is Kara. When this picture was taken, I was standing awkwardly off to the side watching her force a smile and stand still for something she hated. She used to tell me all the time she thought that cameras steal your soul, but I disagree. I think they simply capture a moment in time.

She was always passionate about things that didn’t make sense.

The woman I’m writing about is the one on the far left, standing directly next to the happy bride.

You know, its funny, looking back now. She must have been 13-14 years old in this picture, and I must have been as well. At the time, love seemed like such a distant possibility, but there we were, in that moment of time, together.

I often wonder at the journey of her life and where her path has taken her. I hope she is doing well. I have many happy memories to look back on when it comes to the time in our lives we had together, and I will never forget everything she gave to me without knowing. Because of her, I am who I am today, and in writing this I am honoring the memories we shared and the memories that I hold precious to me.

I haven’t spoken to her in 9 years.

Kara, you will have once been a part of my life, and though my heart belongs to another person, you will have made your special place.

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