Memorial Service

Yesterday the hospital where mom passed had a memorial service for everyone who had recently passed away there.  Not certain how often they do it.  

It was a lovely traditional protestant service with old time hymns…In the Garden, Turn your Eyes Upon Jesus and Amazing Grace.  I found it beautiful and moving.  I think my bro was glad to go and he is still grieving so hard but he’s not religious so not sure if he found comfort in that aspect.  My sis while she appreciated the service said she didn’t like digging it up and getting all sad again.

Thing is brother and I are still sad, still grieving, still having trouble dealing with the loss.  So for me and maybe him I think it was just good to know we aren’t alone.  To still be sad and grieving after two months is not unusual.  Hmmm….just an observation.

3 thoughts on “Memorial Service”

  1. Those that have experienced such grief have told me that the it will return over the years at the most random (and possibly inopportune) moments. It’s OK. Its all part of the balance of life I guess. You can’t experience true joy and elation without experiencing true grief.

  2. You must have loved your Mom very much. Remember that “Love never ends.” I Corinthians 13. You will be with her again and it will be all joy. God bless you.

  3. Thank you so much both of you. Yes love never ends and mama so true cannot appreciate the joy without the grief. Such grief is the price we pay for love and quite obviously love is so worth it! I am ever thankful for the change to spend so much time with her these past few years. A decade flew by far too fast but I am very blessed!

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