All I Need is Love

I realized I have been using too much feelings lately. I have ignored my own logic. I am the one who wants to stay in cloudy thing, keep pitying on myself and never wake up. Then when few troubles hit me at the same time, I just felt I can’t take it. I gotta do something to change this. I prayed and I cried, alone, asked for help, to give me strength and patience.

I am not the type that going to church every week. I am not the person who follows what is written on the Bible. But I never doubt Him. He listened and granted more for what I asked! Amazing, I know. Then I started to listen my head beside my heart. Because if I keep feeling down, I won’t be able to fix myself!

Thanking my God because His never ending love. He gave me a Dad who cares enough about his daughter (well I think I will always be Daddy’s little girl). Thanking Him because gave me one more chance to have a better relationship (how I met this guy also sounds like fate haha). Thanking my boss and my mentor, Kelvin, for helping me and made my problems away. And also thanking Dennis for his patience, support, and love. I feel really really grateful for having NICE people around me. I know they love me. A lot.

Love the world, and the world will love you back. ^^

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