I will never tolerate a parent who takes out his anger on his child. He who thinks insulting his kid is fine. Well, it isn’t. He is not even 10 years old yet and when my dad found him laying down in the bathroom floor with his lip swollen and red cheeks, we lost all our respect for that family. Because it is not our family anymore. This happened before. 

My mom talked to the kid’s mother (her niece) in a calmed way, giving her advice and letting her know that she doesn’t think the way she handles things with her kid is right. She was totally chill about it. Until my brother and I got home from school. Her husband insulted my family in public. On  facebook. He wrote about how wrong we were and how much he loved his child and that my parents should worry about giving us food because he gives food to his kids like kings. Bastard. A  coward. Because if we were wrong, he could’ve simply talked to us in person. We opened our doors to him and his family when they moved here to the U.S. but look how quickly family can betray. He’s a coward, because when we drove to his house and knocked on his door for 30 minutes, he didn’t opened it. He knows we know he treats his kid like shit. I have this anger that for a moment I wanted to move to another state. I wanted to kill him. And her. For what they did to my mom and us. I need to feel something. To snap out of this. Because now I realize that I don’t even know myself. 




You by The 1975

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