I’m finally back

As my entrance exams are coming and i have left few time i hardly use any other online websites uncluding facebook and goodnightjournal. I spend all my time on studies and it makes me happy. 

As all school-leavers in my country start to have additional lessons for this exams year (or maybe even more) early it will sound strange that i have just join this classes. All teachers were surprised that i was too late but if we foresee that i’m traiting myself since summer it wont sound strange that teachers were very satisfied with me when they checked my possibilities.  The only subject i’m having additional classes since September is a general skills cause we dont study it at school. The teacher never praises me even if i do much more than he gives ..i was feeling so much depressed very often and it used to break my heart so much. He thinks that praising spoils person but i cant agree with. It only gives me another motivation and makes difficulties easier when i’m praised.

And now all of other teachers (English, Georgian, History ) praise me and when i come home from it i feel like i’m flying not just walking because of happiness. I cant describe how much it means for me. 

I’ve been on Georgian twice till now and on the last day teacher wrote 20 points out of 20 in my essay. And when i was coming from there i was thinking about my result and i asked two questions myself.

what does this score mean? 

_that i’m able to get 100% scores in essay

and what is doesnt’t mean? 

__ that it’s not a guarantee to get 20/20 on an exam too.. I must train and train endlessly. 


It was yesterday but i still feel the happiness when i remember what teacher told me. 

I wrote an essay. Teacher read it carefully, she was looking through my arguments and finally she said. “You are a good girl. And very good girl ! Haven’t you been having an additional classes before?”

__No. I said

__”Not even last years?”

__No. I repeated. 

I know she was surprised with my writing style and also the knowledge of grammar which generally is found a way to difficult. But i really love it.

So, things are ok here.. I love when i’m coming home from English lesson. It usually finishes when it’s dark outside and till i come home i have to walk for a half an hour and i love looking at the stars lightning above me.

so i’m gonna go now and write a test in my general skills. 

Goodnight all and God bless you !! 💜

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