Wednesday April 13 – Another update. Saw doctor and she is so very pleased with progress. Yes it’s working guys thanks to all your prayers. The HUGE lump that was on my side has shrunk way WAY down. Probably the size of a half dollar maybe even a quarter and the doctor couldn’t feel any lumps anywhere. Will probably have a scan after next chemo. It was a long day today and I was the last one in the chemo room. Tomorrow is the dreaded shot day. Have my chicken shit shirt ready. You know I will be wearing it. Unfortunately it won’t be any easier to take. As the doctor explained things to me and I will do my best to explain it here to you. Another round of chemo followed by a scan probably PET ct followed by 2 more chemos then I will move to maintenance for a year with some drugs that aren’t the regular chemo drugs but something else plus a pill. Unfortunately the drugs can still cause a weakened heart muscle and I will need regular echocardiograms. Surgery is still an unknown at this time. A plus in all this NO SHOT I don’t think.  Correction here.  I believe there is a regular chemo drug because of the need for an echo.

A little honesty with you here. From the beginning of all of this journey NO ONE ever said to me anything but going forward with everything. They did give me a video to watch and they wanted me to watch it before a certain date. In this video was the ONLY T IME I ever heard the words “YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS.” It was only said once but it made it clear that it was all my decision and only my decision and not that of my family, friends or anyone else.   I found that interesting but I’m not exactly sure why. It was the only time the power was ever placed in my hands.

Arielle and Brian congratulations. Danka stay strong. You will get there. I am so proud of your progress, The son I am so proud of you and so very pleased that you are so happy. Dot stay strong and keep up the fight. Lynnse, you will enjoy much success in all parts of your life. Believe and have faith. Ray my prayers are with your daughter. Terri my thoughts and prayers are with you. Aunt Norma my thoughts are with your beautiful family. Brother have a safe trip. No Zika please.  And to the amazing husband.  Thank you for putting up with me and for all the support.






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