Teaching English

I am now my younger sister’s English teacher.

I have actually been her teacher for quite a long time. I think I started the job the year before, when we were living in a tiny (like, 55 square meter) apartment near a school for super smart kids. My dad was a counselor in the International Department there, you see. But I’ve only started to teach her English on a daily basis since…oh, March, I guess.

And it’s honestly rather frustrating. She’s going to enter fourth grade this September, but we’re still rushing through the second grade homework thingy…I’m worried about her English proficiency–I don’t want her to be laughed at or bullied or struggle to keep up with classes once she gets to the States–and I’m just terrified of her learning too slowly. I hate it when I lose my temper with her–I just keep feeling like I have to impress on her how important it is that she learn well now, so she won’t have a too-hard time adjusting to a new country and a new school and new classmates. She’s not a really good “mixer”–she doesn’t make friends well and she’s shy–and I already know how she just plays by herself and doesn’t make any friends, even when the people she can befriend speak Chinese.

I’m nervous about my own grades, but it’s nothing compared to how anxious I am about my sister’s.

It’s rewarding when she speaks sentences clearly, but it does make me sad when she reads them so slowly and so clunkily, and when she can’t really pronounce certain sounds. I suppose she’ll get better at it once we move and she gets immersed in the language, but…I don’t know. I’m just sad about it all.

Anyway, I took an SAT practice test this afternoon–the new version, the one with 1600 points. I got a 1470/1600, so, overall, I think I’m not going to have too much trouble applying for college (if I don’t get too-bad scores on my essay, which is scored separately, or the two+ subject tests I’m planning on taking, and I volunteer/find a job once I get to Texas, so I can add more stuff to my application.)

That’s all for today. Have a good Wednesday (or Tuesday, whichever it is for you) and stay chill.

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