Finally saw his last seen that means he unblock me already, I tried to clear everything happen before we stop talking and message him with some not so nice words. Found out that he’s not really into me and not looking for any relationship anytime soon. I’m cool with it (I’ll try to be cool with it) damn, why I am so hopeless romantic. should I meet him again? My brain says No but my heart say yes.

but after not talking to any guys for this past few days I’m starting to realise I don’t really need one. I’m gonna work this things out alone  .


today’s lesson from : love should be true and sincere, never forced and never demand.



he get mad when I stop talking to him he even ask me out he emerge because I say I don’t want too and even blame Jonathan when I clearly don’t talk to that guy at the first place is he jealous or something? I thought were just friends why is he acting weird 


received a compliment from aidil because of wearing make up “that’s rare” image


I know Raj you’re reading this. Love yourself first before loving me 🙂 you deserve love from others! I hope you moving on now! Best of luck! 

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