Your Assigned Area of Ministry

God assigns everyone an “area of ministry” or several areas of ministry. The area of ministry that He assigns is not always the area of ministry that we would choose for ourselves if we had the option. In fact, sometimes our area of ministry ends up being an area that we would like to forget and never discuss.

Sometimes it’s an area of past sin that we would rather ignore than expose to other people. But then again, success in exposing ourselves could be construed as breakage of the pride barrier. Anything anti-pride is also pro-humility.

Our life’s trials, tribulations, and mistakes are usually quite pertinent to the way God wants to use us to reach others.

I keep coming back to the same topics and the same general category. I keep being pulled to do projects with the same main theme. I tried to “pick my own ministry,” but that of course didn’t work. Got brought back to this same topics.

So many people are under-educated about these topics and in need of some compassionate counseling on them. Oh, and I’m using the term “counseling” loosely. I don’t mean counseling in the sense of having someone sit on my couch, pay me, and pretend that I am superior to them for an hour. I mean counseling as in giving friendly, compassionate, informative, and potentially soul-saving information.

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