Coming to an end…

With the end of our A2 task coming to an end, its time to reflect on the development of our product as well as how far I think I have come in terms of my skill progression.

When I first started this task, my knowledge of iMovie was very basic, hence why our preliminary tasks of “frozen” lip sync and “Survivor” was edited using the very basic tools of trimming and overlaying. In comparison to now, as an individual my skills have improved massively though detailed secondary research via watching many, many YouTube videos on advanced editing skills such as using the capacity, advanced overlaying, and also using sound garage to sync the music to Sophie’s lip syncing.

From reviewing our many drafts of our music videos, it clear to see the progression form out first draft to our final draft; which is currently under final editing by Faye. By working in a group, as apposed to individuals, we have enabled a variety of ideas and perspectives to be collaborated into the video so that it has evolved over time and changed.

In terms of my Digipak, I have struggled with the concept of of putting together a complete Digipak due to the fact for one the Photoshop trial had run out of my macbook, as well as not being in school to assess PhotoShop, which has put me back a few stages. I have found similar online sites much like Photoshop, but haven’t got on with the purely because they don’t enable me to insert multiple layers and well as restricting me on the amount of tools the sites have in comparison to Photoshop, restricting me on the development/skill level of my Digipak, hence why I am waiting till sixth form starts again to complete my Digipak.

For my “Haze” promotional website, this was completed a while back, yet I am still awaiting evaluation from Mrs Hughes until I can final post a blog post regarding that it was my finished and ready to be posted on the web.

At this moment in time, I am still constantly working on my blog, and hope to have it all completed within the next couple of weeks, in the hope that it can be finished a week or 2 to allow me to receive corrects so that I can review all of my pieces and get them up to top marks.

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