Day 11-Whole30

I wish I had documented this Whole30 journey before day 11, but I feel like I am becoming complacent with the results, and need to remind myself of how far I have come.

Before this journey, I never woke up in the morning ready to get out of bed. Since I have started this, I am up before an alarm goes off, and I stay up. 

I have more energy than I have had in years.

I have not had alcohol in 11 days. 

I am not supposed to weigh myself, but I have dropped 5 lbs. ***THIS IS NOT IMPORTANT*** but it sure does help.

I fit into a pair of Banana Republic jeans that I bought 6 months ago that I have never worn. I could do with losing one more inch off my waist before I wear them, but I couldn’t even zip them 2 months ago. 

I have not eaten out in 11 days. I have cooked all of my meals, and cooked meals that I have never cooked before. 

I am incredibly positive, and I don’t recall ever being this positive. I almost feel a little high all the time, and it’s a great feeling. I just feel like I am getting used to this, and need to remind myself of how I once felt. I felt gross. I felt down. I felt tired. I was moody.

I do owe Trey an apology for days 5 and 6. Those were bitchy days, but I am past it now. I said this would be a 30 day thing, but I am already wanting to go further. 


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