Did you hear that…?

The ice. I think it’s cracking….Does anyone else hear the ice cracking?

You know that sound thin ice makes just as it is getting ready to crack under the weight of something that is too heavy? That’s what I keep hearing. Right in the corner of my mind. 

It’s now Wednesday. Saturday is “Move Day”, and I have packed everything except a few dishes. I have accepted the idea that I will be a Single Mother, but every SINGLE time I try to talk to my son about it, I just can’t. These days, I feel like I am submerged in an ocean of emotions and it is getting to a point where the emotions connected to this change are overwhelming me. I feel like I’m About. To. Break. (Hence the whole thin ice analogy)

How can I talk to my Son about this without becoming an emotional wreck…? I don’t want to upset him…I just think he deserves to know that things are about to change. He’s old enough to understand, so I know the “Why” question is coming. What I don’t know, is how to separate my emotions….

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