As a child I was always pretty shy. I was never part of the outgoing group in school, tried to steer clear of the popular crowd because I felt that I didn’t fit in and always had only 1 or 2 friends at a time. I never really went to parties on the weekend and I didn’t stay out very late either. 

Some would call me the party pooper or the nerd type, but I really wasn’t any type of nerd in school either. I was the kid in the middle. I wasn’t a nerd, but I also was a popular. 

All through high school I never really understood what people got from being in the popular crowd and why they felt the need to fit in, until I hit my junior year of high school. 

I played sports from 6th grade all the way up until Sophmore year. I stopped playing sports my Junior and Senior year because I didn’t want to focus on school during those periods of time.

With sports you interact with people you don’t normally do in the halls. Which in my case helped me become friends with people that I wouldn’t have become friends with before and as I see it through my eyes, this was the best thing I could’ve done. 

Playing sports and meeting people that were on the teams made it easier to get along with others in my classes and outside of school. 

A parent asked me once “How are you so outgoing?”. Honestly all I could do was laugh because I am in no way shape or form outgoing. I am probably one of the most non-outgoing person you will ever meet. I am shy, not talkative at all, and I never want to go out or do anything. 

Realizing why she asked me that was an eye opener. She asked me because at that point in time, I was being outgoing and not showing an shy personality. The reason for that was because my team’s through high school, my teachers, my coworkers, and all my friends that I had made me become a more outgoing person through the years. 

Did it take some time to start to open up right away and not be afraid to be who I was? Hell yeah it did, but to this day I fell so much better because of it. I feel better knowing that I don’t worry about what other’s think about my personality or the qualities that I may lack in certain ways. All I think about now a days is being myself and making sure that nobody else matters in that kind of judgement. 


So any parents that are worried about their child getting through school and are worried about them not having friends, my opinion is to put them through sports! It helps so much and I will tell you from experience that I made a lot of friends I wouldn’t have made if I didn’t play a sport or go to certain events. 

3 thoughts on “Experience.”

  1. Alicia, thank you for sharing your story. That is a good thing for parents to know!

  2. Great story, and thank you for sharing. I was a nerd in high school who only played the sports a little bit. I’m most definitely still a nerd today.

  3. It’s either sports or something else….and in my case it was smoking weed that ultimately provided a social circle that could pull me out of my shyness. Everyone just wants to fit in somewhere and though a seemingly unimportant decisions to try out for a sport, or audition for a play, or smoke weed or whatever can really change the direction of your entire life. For example instead of the predictions of a bright future my good grades, good family, and my general drive to be good, contributing to my success, it was my fears of the world, people, and life in general that overpowered everything I was taught my whole life–which resulted in me using weed as a crutch and eventually a gateway to the harder drugs that have left me nothing more than a useless junkie… So parents: yes, personally I would recommend trying sports out first. Very good advice.

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