Can’t pick between Doctor Who or Harry Potter.

I just saw this horrible horrible Tumblr text post that asked this horrendous question: If you had to pick between hearing the words “Yer a wizard” and “I’m the Doctor”, what would you pick?

Well, after a long and very deep discussion with my inner fangirl, my answer would have to be…


Because how am I supposed to pick between being a freaking wizard with magical powers who gets to do magic and meeting THE DOCTOR, virtually the smartest, kindest, best being in the universe and protector of Earth for centuries???? LiKe HoW aM i SuPpOsEd To PiCk BeTwEeN tWo PeRfEcT tHiNgS. I would literally SELF-COMBUST or maybe destroy myself to avoid having to choose between those things if they came up (although the Doctor appearing before me would be much more probable, since I haven’t been eleven years old for like, six years now and I didn’t receive any owl-brought acceptance letter then).

So yeah. That question basically just ripped a hole in my universe (although I don’t think Prisoner Zero is going to escape through said hole) and made me question the two warring parts of myself: Whovian and Potterhead. I mean, Harry Potter’s been with me for forever, and even though I don’t read the books or watch the movies anymore (the later ones make me cry and the couple-pairings make me sad because they were all awful to me), it’s still a super important part of my life. And part of my weird aesthetic, because Slytherin colors and private school uniforms. The series also sends out really positive vibes, you know, reminding me to be brave, to do the right thing even when it’s hard.

But then I love the Doctor! Well, mainly Eleven, but you know what I mean. It’s such a positive show and it’s so sweet, and it also has lots of good vibes: things are bigger on the inside, and everyone’s important. And if you’ve ever, at any point in your life, ever liked anything about the Doctor, then you’re a hypocrite if you say you’ve never dreamed about meeting him and going on an adventure in the TARDIS.

I mean, obviously the question was purely hypothetical, because neither the Doctor nor Harry Potter has been proven to exist anyway, but…still. Obviously, being upset over a hypothetical question just proves I’m kind of emotionally unstable but whatevs, I realized how much of a nerd I was when I was like…eight years old and crying for the dead characters in Deathly Hallows. Maybe even earlier, because I cried for animated characters too, like Bambi’s mom (honestly who doesn’t cry for Bambi’s mom).

Anyway, I just got emotional over that one thing I saw on Tumblr today, so that probably means no more internet for me now in case I start sobbing over even more fictional characters. One last thing though, I’m rewatching this old TV show that I used to love, Bones. It’s about a forensic anthropologist and her FBI partner, as they solve crimes with her team. Used to love it, gave it up for years, but now I’m getting back into it. I would love to rewatch House, too, because House is awesome, but I haven’t found any places to watch it, so, no go.

Have a good Thursday and stay chill.

2 thoughts on “Indecisive”

  1. Though it would be a very easy question for me, I always enjoy seeing people wrapped up in fandom. People who are not really a fan of anything seem like a blank wall to me. They seem to have no spirit, no fire inside them.
    About the Harry Potter couples…. I have only seen the movies some years ago, while I grew up with the books. I guess it was the other way round for you (you were eight when seeing/reading Deathly Hallows? this makes me feel very old xD). I have to agree that in the movies the pairings seem rather forced and out of nowhere, whereas in the book they come naturally, have developed over several years (and it was years for me, because I still had to wait for the books to be published) and therefore feel like the only way things could have gone. Maybe being about your current age during the final part also gave me a different perspective. I don’t know. Even the author said in the movies she would have written it differently, but the books kind of wrote themselves. I think it’s always good for a story when this happens. 🙂

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