My life

 So the last week things have been going down hill, I was put on new meds for my metal health two weeks ago about. They made me sleepy but I didn’t realize how sleepy till I took them one day and took my boys to the doctors. I seemed sleepy to the doctor so she called CPS on me. Now I can’t be left alone with my kids at all. They said they think I am over medicating myself and so in till I go see a treatment doctor and get an all clear they wont let me be alone with my kids. I didn’t like the fact of being put on new meds. I don’t even take my meds everyday like I should cause of it. I don’t think its fair at all that they are doing this to me. I don’t get it I can take pain meds and they wake me up where other meds make me tired and its my fault and I have to see a treatment doctor because of it. I normally don’t open up and have wrote many times on here but I have never made it view able to others cause I don’t share my life but I am just wondering if anyone has ever been in this kind of spot and can give me some advice. I just started seeing a pain doctor who put my on pain meds till they can do some other stuff they want to do but I an scared that its going to cause more issuses. I also went to see my metal health doctor who changed my meds around some to hopefully help fix the problem. The doctor says they want to keep me on the meds and that its just because it take time for my body to get use to the meds so they don’t make me tired. I have to go thru 45 days of being watched and not being left alone with me kids. I thought about putting myself in for 72 hours and hopefully get things fixed but I can’t even get in to see my doctor to talk to them about putting me in for 72 hours. I have no friends cause they all have tried to get with my husband behind my back, The last one was a friend of 11 years and she dated my husband for months, tried to act like my friend and told my husband a bunch of lies so no its hard for me to be friends with anyone cause I don’t know if I can trust them. My husband says he thinks I am lying to him and doing things behind my back but yet I am not but I worry he is doing stuff behind mine. My doesn’t seem like he wants to get help for himself so we can try help for our marriage of almost 8 years to see if we can talk thru things and making them work. I am just lost, confused, hurt and feel alone cause  my family is not even there for me so I thought maybe I can reach out on here and see if I can find someone to be some kind of support. So if you don’t have anything good to say please don’t bring me down more but if your willing to be there for me and maybe help me get thru this then I would be super greatful. If your willing please pray for me and my kids that everything works out cause they have been my life and kept me going for almost 9 years now. Thank you all for listening  will write more later

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