Jeffrey – the guy I maybe kinda sort of like oops – is confusing me, and I told him that. One moment he says he’s not ready for a relationship, another he says he likes me and wouldn’t mind if we kissed. One moment I feel like everything, another like nothing. But he said I was right, and he understood me. Now I’ll just see how it goes the upcoming weeks, and also when we first see each other again after a while.

Mom said she loved me. I didn’t know how to respond, because it’s hard to believe those words after she caused so much pain. But I said I loved her too, and that is true. Love is there, but trust is so far too reach at the moment.

Over all, life’s been getting better. I feel more like myself. Maybe I can even say, I’m happier.

2 thoughts on “Things”

  1. Glad you are happy and glad you told your mom you loved her. We mothers like to hear it back even when we know we’ve made past mistakes because of our imperfectness.

    I don’t know your story as of yet, but I thought that was sweet that you found it in your heart to tell your mother you loved her back.

    Ah…wow…I just now noticed your profile text. God is not going to hold ANY sins against people who accept Christ as their Savior before they die. He is only going to bring harsh judgment upon Christ rejecters who “do whatever the bleep they want to do.” Your choice concerning Christ does make a difference in whether…and how…you are judged. Just saying.

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