Bitchiness and Birthdays

Happy Belated 29th Birthday to my eldest sister, Ashley first off.

Tom and I ran over to my Mothers house around 1800 last night to celebrate my sisters birthday for a bit.  We ended up leaving a little after 2030 since we both have to get up at around 0500 in the morning daily.  It was nice, but I must say that I have not been very pleased with her as of late. 

Any who, the main entry is basically about how my nerves are basically shot since I am having to head to Fort. George Meade, Maryland tomorrow around 0400-30 to take my Army Physical Fitness Test.  I am a firm believer that I am going to fail at least the run considering I have only been back at the gym a little over a month and a half and that is not nearly enough time to train my entire body back into the way it was.  Plus, I have not stopped smoking as much as what I have been given that I am stressing out just a smidgen over this adult(ing) crap.

I must say.  Being a twenty-one year old who has a house, a Husband, two vehicles and two animals may not seem that stressful, but trust me, it is even more than you imagine. 

Now, I do not pity myself or the choices I have made throughout my life, however, I do wish I would have slowed down and enjoyed my earlier years much like others have.

Anyways, my job has been a little stressful considering I am learning an entire new shift and first shift is actually a lot more control oriented than second.  Mind you, we still have down time but not nearly as much.  From the moment we walk in at 0700, we are running around like wild animals, checking people in, handing out badges, calling Supervisors, opening and closing gates, etc.  I also enjoy the company on first shift a lot more than second shift.

For one, I no longer have to deal with Ron, the E-5 in the National Guard who was legitimately stalking me at work.  Always wanting to come with me and trying to get myself to ride along when he did vehicle patrols.  Also, Craig.

Now he is a little different.  Craig is one of those men who think that just because he has worked here for X amount of years, that it entitles him to be able to do or say anything that may come into his fat head.  On the contrary, he is a very nice guy if you are both on the same page.

Now today, he cracked a joke about molestation.  If you have read my previous entries you would know that it is a very sore topic with me seeing as though I was  and am a sexual abuse victim of many, many years by someone who was close to me. 

I held my tongue in hopes that he would not continue down that path and behold, he did stop.  I don’t enjoy making a big fuss out of someone cracking a joke about it and being offended, however, I have yet to understand how someone can joke about something that some men, women, children and animals go through and literally have to fight to keep submerged all their lives. 

Any who, I basically just wanted to bitch.  Isn’t that what a Journal is for?

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