I don’t know what’s worse honestly. Being 16, Or being 16 and suffering through high school. It’s bad enough i have troubles learning.. But to even have to deal with the ignorance people have, Is not something i find pleasing to deal with. I’m not good at making friends, Therefore i only have a couple. But the other people, Who are not my friends. Judge of course. My looks is the main of course! Because we live in a world where if you’re not pretty, cute, or handsome, You’re a nobody. It’s the hard truth! It’s un fair, Hell yeah. But i guess it is life, And i really have to learn to deal with it, But it’s to hard to focus on two things when one is taking my focus away from the more important one. What i mean by that is, People who are judgmental to classmates in high school, Are not only hurting peoples feelings, But they are also distracting them from getting there education because the things people say about people, Will keep going through there head. Yeah, Maybe some people can ignore it, Brush it off and don’t give it the time of day. But i can’t for some reason. Since i feel so low about myself, It’s like i want to be accepted by others. Fear of rejection.

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