Happy birthday mama.

I forgot my moms birthday 😂 She even ask me to eat pancit before I leave the house  (pancit is a famous food in Philippines when there’s someone celebrating) I didn’t forget it the whole day thought Its just that remember it when I’m already outside the house and it’s going to be corny if I send message or call although it’s not, I don’t know maybe I’m not a sweet Daughter. I wanted to give her a cake at work but she already posted a picture holding a cake from colleagues so it doesn’t make sense anymore. I usually buy gift for her like seriously but last year I bought some expensive bag for her and she didn’t like it because of the Colour last mothers day too I rushed after work to buy flowers for her leave it to her room so when she came for work she will see it but she just laugh at it after a couple of months.

i love her but she’s being picky already it’s very hard to buy and choose a gift for her.

i think she’s expecting gift from me just now when I go to her workplace. 


Next year Ma, next year! Love you! 

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