Missing a few entries

Missed a couple entries to my journal!

So hi again journal 🙂

Its been a busy couple of days I went back to work and I had to go and see the Dr for the pain I had and also a nurse for other health issues but I have lost weight since the last time I saw the nurse a couple weeks ago 2 kg! :O I think that’s pretty good to say I didn’t do the exercises for very very long.

I went to the gym today and used the treadmill – yes I know its a waste of money and that I could just use the real world but I like being in the atmosphere of the gym it encourages me to do better to push myself harder – I was there for a full hour and I loved it forgot how much I loved going! 😀


Spoken to Daddy again today we discussed a visit in the near future, I get nervous when we discuss this – not because I don’t want to meet up with him you understand but because I don’t do well in new situations – I clam up I go nervous and shy I try to hide as much as I can and I have only “been” with one other man once before so that thought sort of terrifies me again/still. I don’t know how experienced Daddy thinks I am and i am not going to ask him, it would be weird.


Maybe I shouldn’t be so scared, I should be happy and excited since I get to spend proper time with Daddy, but it will be a big trip for me travelling all by myself for the first time. It will also be my first time going to another country, meeting up with Daddy going to his place, I wouldn’t be scared but I don’t want him to think I have more experience then I do and be disappointed, or think me a slut -not in a good way- for finally caving before I met him and giving myself to someone else.

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