MudFlower intro.

They say that every start is hard but what about the period which is not a start anymore and probably not an end yet neither?Maybe it is just the destiny of certain people walking trough this life.

I don’t know why I made this diary since basically this is going to be anything other (personally for me) then the diary.Not to mention how many times in this 23 years that I have lived have I tried to keep a journal but came to no success.It actually does not surprise me not one bit.I had always been lazy.

The only thing which may (or may not) be different this time is that I’ve had a recollections of my memories.Parts of it may be stupid,depressing,pointless etc…But to me those were all moments which  brought me up to this moment.Modeled me in a certain ways,damaged me more or less,one way  or another.In short words they all represent something to me.

This is not a diary.This is going to be a memory lane walk.From my first memory leading up to my current probably future memories I am going to make.

If you are wondering and thinking to yourself why haven’t I made a normal blog like the normal people do,let me tell you straight away that I do not consider myself normal,nor do I know the definition of “normal” ,but I do however know that I don’t want this diary-blog-callitHowYouWant thing to become mainstream thing which people read on mainstream blog sites.I refuse to blend in.

I don’t know how many people will read this (if any),I am writing this for my own egoistical reasons.I don’t need compassion or help.Maybe this will be the trigger which is going to bring me to an ease,maybe not…

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