Sudden Church Amnesia

Why do people feel compelled to mention that they are “on their way to church” when they run into men and women of God? Ha-ha.

People have always acted strange like that around believers, but I notice it more now than I ever did before. I know it’s true because I used to feel obligated to say I was going to church whenever I ran into practicing Christians when I wasn’t practicing.

It just happened. I’d see practicing Christians and feel like a scumbag because I was not attending church at the time (was avoiding hypocrisy back then). They’d invite me to their church, and I’d say that I “already had a church.”

“I already have a church.” That’s the unbeliever’s and the bruised or shamed Christian’s favorite line to avoid confrontation or conviction. Oddly, such people never seem to know the name of the church they are going to if you confront them with a question like, “What church do you attend?” They either get sudden church amnesia, or they start ranting about how “personal” the question you just asked them is. I know because I used to do it back in the day.

Ha-ha-ha. Most people who go to church know where they go to church, and they want to bring other people to such a church with them. Ha-ha-ha.

I had an inner chuckle tonight when I ran into someone who felt obligated to blurt out random church attendance notifications. She had the cutest little child with her. I let her cut in line simply because I was not in a rush, and she had less stuff to buy than I did. I wasn’t trying to evangelize, preach, minister or anything else. I was just standing in the grocery line most likely thinking about God, Heaven, or random cloud images when the woman notified me that she was “on her way to church.”

All I could do was chuckle because she said she was on her way to church twice, but she didn’t know where she was going to church. Um…okay.

Thoughts in my head as a huge smile stretched across my face:

Ma’am, I’m not the church police.

Ma’am, please don’t let this huge wooden cross intimidate you. I just love Jesus.

Ma’am, I’m not trying to make you go to church.

Ma’am, I’m not standing here thinking that you and your child are churchless devils.

Ma’am, how can you possibly not know where you’re going to church?

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