I made a post about a week ago (dances) and it didn’t save — but for the most part, 

I went apartment hunting with my parents a few days ago. It was interesting to say the least. I’ve been saving up money for this moment, but I still feels like I don’t have enough to pay the whole year off right away as planned. That sucks, but oh well. At least I can hold on to seeing that pretty little sum in my savings a bit longer. 

I need to get a job. I have NO clue how or where to start since I have literally nothing to show for and put on my resume. I wanted to work the minute I graduated high school, but my parents wanted me to help out at home more than they wanted me to rack up money. I personally think they would have let me if I were a little more aggressive with what I want, but I think if I were to get a job while I was still at home that it would only cause more stress on me and everyone else. I’m seriously nervous about when I leave. Don’t get me wrong I’m ecstatic about leaving this life draining house, but I’m also worried that my mom will be stressing out since she’s going back to school herself and my stepdad hardly helps with the kids. I can tell she’s freaked out by this too, but every time we discuss this she tells me that things will always work out in the end. Then we go on about everything were going to get for my new place, just to brighten the mood. 


Goodnight Journal 

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