We’re almost to week 11 and hard to imagine Sunday Eden will be 4 months old, We have decided wait until she’s 6 months old, to give her baby food and start with baby led weaning instead of jarred baby food.

We promise a better update tomorrow rather than this boring junk


How far along?: 10 weeks and 6 days
Due date: November 6
Weight Gain: Nothing really this week.
Maternity clothes?: Haven’t stopped wearing them from the first pregnancy
Best moment this week: Finally hearing the the heart beat on the home Doppler on the 13! It’s no confirmed that this little one is moving
Movement: None yet.
Food cravings:  Still chocolate and bananas (Daddy hate’s bananas)
Symptoms: Morning sickness, and tiredness.
What I miss: Eating tons of junk food. Now it’s trying to eat better for baby.
What I am looking forward to: Nice weather this weekend so Eden can spend sometime at the park
Milestones: None really
Days until next doc appointment?: May 7
Sleep: Nope. Sleep is evil. Eden doesn’t like to sleep, but brother or sister does.
Stretch marks?: Still have them from the last pregnancy
Pregnancy Perk: Eating something ‘naughty’ for breakfast and not getting yelled at because I’m pregnant.
Embarrassing Pregnant Moment: None so far yet.
Baby Purchases this week: Nothing
Gender: Not sure yet
How’s Mama? Tired, extremely tired.
How’s Daddy? Like daddy normally is, full of energy.
How’s Baby? We think he/she’s fine
Labour signs? There are none yet. We hope there aren’t any for long time
Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: Close to the size of a lime.

We have came up with a name finally, but until we find out the gender next month, we aren’t going to be giving that out just yet.


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