Why am i depressed?

What really is the point of depression.. Why is it that if someone with depression, Has to deal with the shitty part of life. If someone reading this, Has depression, You know exactly what i’m meaning then. 

~The struggle of getting out of bed to go somewhere, Because being around people makes you upset, and you feel “Anti-social”.

~Mood changes, Happy, Laughing, Smiling, Then the thoughts come. Like bam, Excuse me did you think you were going to be happy? And you’re sad.

~SUICIDAL THOUGHTS. Now, I know even people who may not have depression, Has probably had suicidal thoughts before. By getting to a point where there so sad they don’t find a reason to be alive anymore.

~SELF HARM. Now, I used to do this. But have not in around 1-2 years. I used to always go to “Self harming” to “Ease the pain”. But truth is, It just made me feel more shitty with myself. And it didn’t matter if i “Self Harmed”. Because even after that, Guess what, I’M STILL SAD so i didn’t need to. I am sorry if this is offensive to anyone who self harms. Because if you DO self harm, And have been for a while. You may find it easy to deal with pain that way. But i have known, Cutting, Can be addicting to some people.


I could go on, With what depression is like…. BUT. I’m pretty sure it would be so useless because i bet the person reading this right know, Knows depression, How it feels, Or maybe just knows someone with it. 

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