5 thoughts on “anxiety”

  1. I just read your post u seem like a very strong person I admire your courage …and yes it is a nightmare that no one unfortunately understands

  2. I used to suffer from depression when I was younger – it runs in the family. What got me out of it, ironically, was when I decided I cannot live like that any longer, and honestly began to think about ending my life. That’s when I realized, that if I seriously wanted to end all that I was, I could just as well pretend I already did and start all over, leading a new life. It sounds so trivial and I don’t know if you are able to grasp it – just as when being sick, you cannot fathom how it feels to get well again – but it worked. And when I had finally overcome it all, I was suddenly able to see that there had been caring people in my life during that whole time, people who had been worried, people worth staying alive for. I hope you will find them too, soon.

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